Attny feels injured Red Sox fan has legal case

By: Rebecca Turco


PROVIDENCE – Legal questions are arising, now that the Red Sox fan injured from a flying bat is out of the hospital.

Tonya Carpenter has not yet said if she plans on suing the major league Team, but Massachusetts personal injury lawyer Frank Camera feels she would have a great case.

According to the back of your ticket stub, fans assume the risk just by filling the stands. But Massachusetts eliminated this “baseball rule” decades ago, so the responsibility is on the landowner – in this case, Fenway Park.

Camera thinks Carpenter should push forward – if not for the money, then to open a dialogue about patron safety.

“I think if nothing else, litigation will start the dialogue to ensure people’s safety,” Camera said.

The Red Sox and Major League Baseball have said they plan on re-examining fan safety. Carpenter has been released from the hospital and is recovering in rehab.

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