Words that led to URI lockdown captured on recording

By Abbey Niezgoda


As police still try to piece together exactly what happened on the University of Rhode Island campus, students are learning more from a chilling recording taken inside the classroom where the scare started.

Rose Hanan was in the class, using a recording software to capture the lecture. She ended up with a whole lot more.

“It gave me the chills the first time I heard it back,” Hanan said.

You can hear the teacher giving a lesson, when all of the sudden, a muffled voice shouts, “I'm a nice guy.” Then another person screams, “Oh my God,” followed by chaotic screams from students in panic.

“I remember having a moment where I was like I'm definitely going to get shot right now,” Hanan said. “I'm probably going to die.”

Hanan says she remembers hearing the voice coming from the back of the lecture hall, but she looked back and no one was there. Students a classroom over heard it too.

Students a classroom over heard it too.

“We all thought it was a dog barking, but we looked at our teachers face and she was just petrified,” student Isabelle Van Coeverden said.

After that, they started to run. Some did not make it very far.

Danielle Harris, Sprained Ankle Trying to Get Out
“Everyone was just falling down the stairs in the lecture hall. I got trampled,” Danielle Harris said, who ended up on crutches with a sprained ankle after trying to get out.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Police say there is no evidence that there was ever an active shooter on campus, but they have yet to find who the voice on the recording belongs to.

So for now students like are left with nothing but a muffled recording, as they try to understand exactly what happened in their classroom.

“He says 'I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy.' That confuses me,” Hanan said. “Why would he say 'I'm a nice guy,' if he didn't have a gun?”

No evidence of a real gun has been found on the University of Rhode Island Campus. A nerf gun was found in a backpack in the classroom, but it is unknown whether or not it is connected to the scare.