Aug. 18th: ‘Occupy the Sakonnet River Bridge’

By Dana Griffin

PORTSMOUTH, RI- Protestors will soon take over the Sakonnet River Bridge, as they urge people to put away their EZ Passes and demand the tolls be removed.

On Sunday, August 18th at 5 PM, residents will hold signs as they occupy the bridge. They hope to attract drivers to take a stand against the toll operation.

They also want to make things difficult for the Bridge and Turnpike Authority by urging people not to use their EZ Pass transponder, and get billed for it later.

The protest organizer says he'll even pay everyone's bill.

“Put it away, so you don't pay today. Send me the bill, and that's as simple as I want to say it.  We just want to be treated the way everybody else is being treated. More, ears at the general assembly; realizing that the toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge was wrong, is wrong, and should not be initiated,” said John Vitkevich.

There's even been word of occupying the power shed located next to the bridge, to prevent the Bridge and Turnpike Authority from turning the toll on, on the 19th.

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