Award winning RI chef cooks for the Pope

By: Melissa Randall

Reporting by: Mark Curtis

It's an exciting time for a renowned Rhode Island chef, Walter Potenza. He was at the Vatican Wednesday cooking for Pope Francis.

Chef Walter, as he is better known, has been cooking in the Ocean State and here at ABC6 News for years. He has also won numerous international awards. He is cooking for the Pope at a charity event, which benefits programs to help the poor in the Pope's native Argentina.

“I am really excited to meet him, because I've seen him on TV and he seemed to be, a pope that reaches out to everyone, and that's the most exciting part I think,” said Chef Walter Potenza.

Chef Walter is preparing a signature New England seafood dish with lobsters and scallops.

He was the only chef from the United States invited to cook for the pope at this charity event.

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