Baby Falls In Water, Fighting For Life

A ten month old was in critical condition in the hospital Thursday night, after falling into a bucket of water.     

His family told ABC6 the baby wasn't breathing when they pulled him out. He's been fighting for his life at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

The baby's mother said Sage's heart was beating. The family told us they were cleaning the floors at their Greeley street home, when the ten month old fell into the bucket they were using.

Their neighborhood was full of commotion Thursday night, people screaming in the street.

Providence police responding to a 10 month old, who family members say fell into a bucket of water.

“The youngest daughter, I heard her in the middle of the street screaming,” said neighbor Theresa Hicks, “I happened to be in my bedroom and she was screaming he's dead, he's dead. The baby's dead, and I ran outside.”

Baby Sage wasn't dead, but was fighting for his life. Hicks lives across the street from the Cardenas family. She ran outside to try to help.

“I asked if she called 911, she said yes and the mother came outside screaming,” said Hicks, “911 was on the phone and the son was trying to administer CPR.”

 Police weren't saying much Thursday, but Hicks did say she saw them removing paper bags and a bucket from the house.

“My heart goes out to the family,” she said, “And I hope the baby will be okay.”

Social services did go to the house, but again police were tight lipped.