Back-to-school shuffle begins in Warwick

By Kainani Stevens

A new school year marks new beginnings in Warwick.

The school district consolidation took effect Wednesday as hundreds of kids headed back to school in newly-renovated facilities.

It’s normal for high school freshman to have butterflies for their first day of school but this year it was the teachers and administrators anxious for school to start too.

Warwick Vets Principal David Tober describes the day. "There is excitement on all ends. Nervous parents, nervous kids and nervous staff. But we’re all excited together and trying to start the year off the right way."

Pilgrim High School and Warwick Vets both underwent massive renovations this summer. Millions of dollars were sunk into both buildings as they each prepare to welcome new groups of students.

Mayor Scott Avedisian said, "with so many projects in such a short window I was afraid it wouldn’t be done but we made the cut."

Superintendent Phil Thornton commented, "new windows, new auditorium, we brought old lockers here. The track and football field is being redone and a lot of painting going on as well.”

Some of the finishing touches like flooring went in just hours before students arrived. And while the consolidation process is just beginning,  Mayor Avedisian hopes this is a first step in the right direction.

"There’s another phase of consolidation next year that will be just as tough. But hopefully people realize we are doing the right thing.”

Superintendent Thornton and Mayor Avedisian are hopeful that a grant and the school budget will allow for further upgrades to the area schools next year as well.

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