Backyard Oasis Makeover revealed

By: Chelsea Priest

Claudine and Jason McBee couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their new backyard for the first time. Claudine is a breast cancer survivor and entered the contest without telling Jason. She hoped to use the makeover as a thank you for Jason always being there for her. She says, “I was still so in shock that we won, so to be able to come out here and see this finished product, it's breathtaking.”

The stairs to the old backyard were falling apart, now they have beautiful stonework steps. The make-shift fire pit the used to enjoy got a major upgrade. Jason says, “When you compare it to what was there before and now, it's drastically different, night and day, we love it.”

Unilock, Proscapes Landscaping, Scenic Style Ltd., and Arnold Lumber spent three days completing the makeover. Daniel Buttner from Proscape said, “We came in and did the excavation of the patio, dug it up then we installed the gravel base and then we did the vertical elements, the fire pit, the wall. Ron Woisin from Scenic Style Ltd. goes on, “we took over on the third day after they did the vertical elements, we laid the pavers, did the borders and cleaned the property up, put the lawn in and planting.”

The companies and workers got to know the couple throughout the process. Marc Petrowicz from Unilock says, “Great couple, they really are. They're down to earth and very friendly folks. They have been through a lot and it's nice to see their relationship staying strong and even better to be able to bring our people together to do something for them.”

Now a big party with family and friends is in the works for the new outdoor space. Jason says, “I'm still in shock, I can't thank my wife enough, she's an amazing woman.”