Bail hearing postponed for man charged with murder, kidnapping

By: Melissa Toupin

A bail hearing for the man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and her daughter and kidnapping a two-year-old boy setting off an Amber Alert was postponed Tuesday.

Family members of Evelyn Burgos, 40 and her daughter Vanessa Perez, 25, turned out to support the women. It's been two and a half weeks since the women were killed. And even though the suspect, Daniel Rodriguez, is now behind bars, those close to the women are still fearful.

“He is a monster. What he does was tragedy to these women and if he's done it once he's probably done it already and he'll continue doing it,” said a cousin of Burgos.

Relatives opened up about the couples turbulent and abusive relationship saying there were warning signs of domestic abuse. They say it wasn't like her to stay away or not to be in touch with them, but that Rodriguez kept her away from family events. Those cousins pleaded that he remain behind bars.

“I hope that he pays for what he does,” one said. “I hope that he stays in jail, and he does not come out, so that he does not do this again to anyone.”

Burgos had been granted a temporary restraining order on July 26th, but it was never served.

“I feel like if family members were more involved, or reached out to her, this probably never would have happened.”

Rodriguez remains behind bars. His bail hearing was pushed back until September 24th.

Meanwhile, family members of the victims are planning a domestic violence awareness event. That will happen September 8th from 11 AM to 4 PM at Margaret Walsh Park.

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