Ballot Breakdown: Rhode Island

By Bianca Buono


The presidential election is not the only race voters will decide Tuesday. Locally, Rhode Islanders have seven ballot initiatives to decide on that could spark major change. We’ve broken down all seven of them below, but you can click the following link for a look at a sample Rhode Island ballot:

QUESTION ONE determines the fate of a new casino proposed for Tiverton. If you vote to “approve” it, you would be authorizing a facility owned by Twin River-Tiverton, LLC to be licensed as a pari-mutuel facility. It would offer state-operated video-lottery games and casino gaming, such as table games.

Supporters say it will boost the economy.

"It would bring jobs to this area,” said Kate McGovern of Tiverton.

But some opponents are concerned it will make the area unsafe.

"I just don’t think it’s going to be a positive influence in the area,” said Peter Defresne of Westport.

QUESTION TWO would bring back oversight that the state Supreme Court took away back in 2009. An “approval” vote will allow the Ethics Commission to once again investigate state lawmakers and sanction them for any wrongdoing.

"So if you want to have some oversight of conflicts of interest among members of the general assembly this is your chance,” said John Marion of Common Cause Rhode Island.

Questions three through seven are bond measures. QUESTION THREE would issue a $27,000,000 bond for the construction of a new Veterans Home and renovations of existing facilities.

QUESTION FOUR would appropriate $45 million to make investments in higher education. University of Rhode Island’s College of Engineering would be awarded $25 million and URI’s Affiliated Innovation Campus Program would get $20 million.

QUESTION FIVE involves port infrastructure. If approved, $50 million would go to the Port of Davisville Infrastructure at Quonset and the Port of Providence would receive $20 million.

QUESTION SIX includes the green economy bonds. In total, it would allow $35 million to go to environmental and recreational purposes.

Finally, if QUESTION SEVEN is approved, $50 million will go towards affordable housing, urban revitalization and blight remediation.

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