Bank freezes Coventry Fire District account

By News Staff

Reporting by Kirsten Glavin

With more storms heading our way the town of Coventry could be facing a serious safety crisis.

The Coventry Fire District has officially been cut off as the Coventry Credit Union froze their bank account. Lawyers for the Firefighter’s Union and District fought on the same side in court Wednesday to unfreeze it.

The Coventry Fire District has been running out of money and running out of time, but now, it may be the end of the line.

"When there’s no money, there’s no money., and there’s nothing else to do," says Firefighter/EMT, Richard Collins.

During the past few days, at least five firefighters hung their helmets for the last time.

"Personally, I just resigned. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find another position. Just something I had to do for my family," says Collins.

Two firefighters remained on staff Wednesday responding to every call they could on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Fear is becoming a reality for residents living on East Shore Drive. The only two firefighters on staff responded to a high voltage electrical fire Wednesday, and If anyone were to call in for help, there would be no response or another fire department would have to assist.

It was the duo’s fourth call Wednesday morning, and with more storms looming in the forecast, residents say they’re afraid for the town’s safety.

"Its concerning is all, having only two people on for today and the whole entire storm that we’re having for eight days," says resident, Joshua Ravo.

In court, the judge ruled that the district’s lawyers will meet again Thursday. Firefighters will be forced to choose if they want to come in for another stormy day and work for free.

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