Barrington father arrested, charged under Social Host Law

By: Alexandra Cowley

Barrington Police were called to 26 Bullock Avenue for noise complaints and found nearly 30 teenagers partying. They all scattered after police say the homeowner, a Rhode Island Physician, told them to run.

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross says a neighbor called to complain of loud music around 10:00 PM on July 30th. When police arrived, they found the driveway lined with cars and a DJ blaring music from the back porch.

It was a big birthday bash for the homeowners son who'd just turned 18. Police say as soon as the homeowner, 57-year-old Bruce Becker saw police, he yelled at everyone to run.

A neighbor we spoke with who didn't want to be identified, says she's not surprised by the party. She tells us the family has been a problem for the neighborhood for as long as she's lived here.

“The father and son always speed around here,” said a neighbor.

Becker did admit to police that he threw the party, but said he had no idea the kids were drinking. Police found 30 racks of beer, a beer pong table, and vodka bottles strewn about.

Most of the partiers ran and hid in the woods behind the house. Police say others were questioned, and told by Becker not to take a breathalyzer test.

Becker was arrested and charged with procuring alcohol for minors. He will be formally arraigned on Wednesday in Providence District Court.

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