Barrington H.S. students fed up about tardiness policy

By John Krinjak


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BARRINGTON, R.I. (WLNE) — A newly-enforced tardiness policy at Barrington High School is raising some eyebrows–students forced to stand out in the cold for 20 minutes or more.

But the superintendent says the policy has been on the books all along.

Long lines outside Barrington High School–students trying to get to class, forced to wait because they’re late.

"At 7:40 every morning they lock the doors, said junior Julia Medizza.

"Every morning there’s a line down the front corridor of about 50, 60 students waiting outside in below freezing weather," said senior Emilio Cuebas.

Students must line up in the cold, outside the one door that’s still unlocked, to sign in individually before being allowed into class, a process that can take a while.

"I got to school yesterday at 7:40. I did not get into my classroom until 8:05," said Cuebas.

"Normally before this was enforced you could show up late, get your pass and then go to class, get there 5 minutes later than normal, now it’s 15 to 20," said sophomore Jack Kovolyan.

Superintendent Michael Messore tells us the policy is not new, that the locking of doors is for security purposes, and students lining up outside the main entrance are supervised by the assistant principal.

But many students are wondering why start enforcing it now.

"I feel there’s a better way to crack down on this situation because just standing outside isn’t really helping anyone," said sophomore Jordan Sullivan.

Senior Class President Sam Read says even some teachers are unhappy.

"Now you’re waiting in line for 20-25 minutes and you’re not going to get to class. So it’s preventing teachers from teaching what they need and it’s actually making students later," said Read. 

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