Barrington Police crack down on illegal fireworks

 By Jennifer Petracca

The Barrington Police Department is cracking down on illegal fireworks this summer.

Police warn the public that although some fireworks are legal, there are some that are not.

Under Rhode Island General Laws, 11-13-1, illegal fireworks are listed as:

·         Any firecrackers
·         M-80’s
·         Block busters
·         Bottle rockets
·         Roman candles
·         Mortars
·         Any that launch a projectile and/or make a “bang”/detonation/report

Cone displays sold in stores that shoot sparks upwards to 3-7 feet and make crackling sounds are considered legal.

Police state that both legal and illegal fireworks are prohibited from being discharged on all Town properties such as Allin’s Cove, Barrington Town Beach, school fields, and playgrounds.

Police warn that extra patrols will be out this weekend and the weekend of the 4th of July to ensure a safe holiday.

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