Barrington Summer ball looks different amid COVID-19 concerns

One day after Gov. Raimondo gave no-contact youth sports the green light to play, leagues like Barrington Little League are hashing out the final plans before starting a Summer baseball season.

Just last month, Barrington said it would not be having a Summer league because of the coronavirus, but because the state is set to enter phase 3, live games may happen after all.

“A difficult and bigger project than in past years,” said League President Fletch Thomson.

Thomson said that although baseball will happen, there is a long list of guidelines coaches and players will have to follow.

“Baseballs are sort of shared objects. When you come off the field the kids will use the hand sanitizer to make sure their hands are sanitized,” he said. “Prior to coming to the field, the kids and the coaches will have to do self-screening.”

Coaches and umpires will also be wearing masks, but kids will not have to wear any when out on the field.

There will also be no chewing gum, sunflower seeds, spitting, and players cannot share any equipment.

And to encourage social distancing, Thomson said players will not be heading inside the dugout after an inning.

“We’re going to put x’s on the fences at six to ten feet apart and so they’ll have their equipment bags there so there’s no sort of congregating in the dugout around people’s equipment,” he said.

Umpires will also be calling balls and strikes from behind the pitcher’s mound to limit contact with the catcher.

The league will begin practices on July 6.

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