Beach science

This is a file image of dunes on the beach. (WLNE)

The beach is much more than a place to go in the summer time, it’s a delicate system of sciences.

When you think of the beach, there’s sun, sand and the water. There are dunes, tides and all forms of life. From the plants to the animals, the biggest whale to all of the microscopic critters, all play a critical part in maintaining this splendid place.

Through human influence, the balance is shifting. A recent rise of the amount of seaweed has caused a boom in local jellyfish populations. This is due to a process called eutrophication.

When we upset the balance, it makes our coastal areas less healthy and less able to deal with stresses like coastal storms.

All of these creatures and natural structures mesh to create such a delicate ecosystem. We are fortunate to take advantage of this marvelous place, but we have to treat it with respect. That way, we can help keep our beaches healthy and safe for generations to come.

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