Bed bugs found in Providence district court

By John Krinjak


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Workers at Providence District Court got an email Thursday, confirming reports of bedbugs, but visitors to the courthouse found out only after we told them. Bedbugs were found on the fifth floor near Family Court. A pest control company is now treating the affected areas, checking the  building for more bugs. Even with the problem, the courthouse was open for business on Thursday.
"I would say shut down the floor. Obviously it would be a big inconvenience to shut down the building for an entire day. I understand, but I think to really rectify the problem they would need to shut the whole building," said Christine Gagnon,a visitor to the courthouse.

Despite employees being notified, it appears the court took no steps to let the public know.

"I wouldn’t consider it a thing that they should keep from other people. I think they should get a notice before going in," said courthouse visitor Andrew Gagnon.

"Bed bugs are a fact of life for us here in Southern New England," said Tony DeJesus of Big Bug Solutions.

DeJesus bedbugs can crop up in any public place.

"The most common way they arrive-someone brought them in on them.//they can live in a chair//or something like a courtroom bench
he tells me there are precautions you can take," said DeJesus.

If you have to be at court Friday, DeJesus says there are precautions you can take.

"Particularly if they’re visiting that floor, that when they get home, to check themselves. Strip down, look at your clothing, inside and out, just to make sure you haven’t inadvertently brought one home yourself," said DeJesus.

A labor union representing some employees at the courthouse says it’s filing a health grievance.

The courthouse is slated to be open Friday as usual.

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