Belfield Drive in Johnston starting to flood again

By: Amanda Pitts


JOHNSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — Belfield Drive in Johnston is starting to flood yet again. The water is rising for the second time in a month, putting a damper on how some celebrated Christmas.

Residents noticed a few days ago that the same section of road that flooded at the end of November is starting to pool with water.

“We just don’t want to have to go through that again.”

Tania and Cynthia Nova live at the very end of Belfield Drive. When the street first flooded with nearly two feet of water less than a month ago, they missed a week of work, stuck inside their home.

“We had to either go through the water in a Humvee or go by the side of the highway which is dangerous,” said Cynthia Nova.

This time it was their Christmas celebration that they had to miss.

“We were gonna have company over for Christmas, and the same as Thanksgiving, we had to cancel,” said Tania Nova.

The Nova’s feared their loved ones would get stuck in the water. They say it’s only safe for SUV’s to drive through.

“We just had a few weeks of tranquility and now we have to worry about how we’re gonna make it to work, how we’re going to pass,” said Tania.

The flooding is from a clogged culvert at a property nearby. At the start of December, pumps were installed to remove the water from Belfield Drive. 

The Nova’s worry that this time pumps won’t be installed fast enough.

“I just don’t want them to wait until it’s too high, then we’ll be stuck again.”

They say they’re sick of temporary fixes and are asking for a permanent one.

“We pay a lot of taxes here, a lot of money in Johnston, and we don’t really get any help. It takes a while for someone to do something.”

The federal government stepped at the start of the month and declared the spot a natural disaster area. No word yet on when their work will start.

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