Bertucci’s hosts fundraiser for Sheenah Savoy

More than two months after the deadly stabbing rampage at the Silver City Galleria Mall in Taunton, co-workers of the pregnant waitress stabbed at Bertucci’s are coming together to raise money for her baby and medical expenses. 

15 percent of the days proceeds are going to a scholarship fund to benefit Sheenah Savoy’s unborn baby. The restaurant is also collecting gifts for the baby and holding raffles from 5pm to 9pm.

Savoy was stabbed during the murderous rampage of Arthur DaRosa back in May. He was shot and killed by an off duty sheriffs deputy.

"Sheenah is our own. I always say I’m the mama bear and these are my Cubs so the nice part is she’s like one of my own. Everyone feels that way we are all in 100 percent and we just want to help her recover and not worry about finances," said Christine Moreira the manager of catering and recruiting. 

"It’s just a wonderful cause and I’m just so grateful that we can do something to help out you know," said customer Barbara Gibson.

It’s been a trying couple of months for both Savoy and the staff here. Fellow waitress Erika Johnson was in the bathroom when DaRosa stabbed her friend. She ran out and comforted her on the floor only learning at that time that she was pregnant. She still has a tough time talking about what happened but says on a day like today she can’t help but be thankful Savoy and the baby lived.

"It’s the only good thing out of all of this. Bad things happen every day so the fact that the baby is okay means everything," said Johnson.

New Bedford teacher George Heath jumped in to protect Savoy during the rampage. He died from his injuries and a stool now sits in his memory at the Taunton restaurant.

Friends say physically Savoy is doing well, but emotionally she has a long way to go. The hope is that this show of support will help her as she continues to recover. She has not returned to work since the stabbings.