Better Business Bureau warns of IRS phone scam

 By Ciara Speller

Tax season has come to a close, but that has not stopped scammers from calling people posing as IRS officials. 

Callers to the Better Business Bureau serving New England say that they have received messages telling them to contact the IRS at once, or legal actions will take place. 

Other messages threatened that arrests would be made by U.S. Marshals for failure to pay correct tax amounts. 

The Better Business Bureau is strongly urging consumers not to give out any personal information in these types of situations. 

They suggest that individuals: hang up, protect personal information, contact the IRS, look out for spoofing and contact the FTC if they feel they’ve fallen victim to these scams. 

If you believe that you are receiving these threatening calls, report it to your Better Business Bureau by calling 508-652-4800.

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