Biden Headlines Senator Whitehouse Re-Election Fundraiser

Vice President Joe Biden made a stop in Providence Thursday night to attend a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's re-election campaign.

Bidens stop in Providence didn't last long, only about 2-hours, but his appearance at the fundraiser may turn into more than $200,000-for Whitehouse. 

Biden arrived by motorcade at around 6PM, and was quickly whisked away to the back entrance of the Biltmore Hotel.

Providence's Mayor Angel Taveras was excited to attend the event.

“I haven't met him before, and you know the Vice President, he's going to be entertaining.” Mayor Taveras said jokingly.

Many drivers though weren't as entertained as Mayor Taveras, as they had to sit in traffic for upwards of half an hour, as Biden's motorcade made it's way to the Biltmore.

Before the Vice President arrived, bomb sniffing dogs and a heavy police presence surrounded the hotel, along with about a dozen or so protestors from Occupy Providence, who wanted the Biden to hear their concerns.

“The 99% are hurting.” said occupier Jennifer Flynn. “We need to finally go after the big banks that have been bailed out and have them give back a little bit to all of us.”

Meanwhile the man who hosted the Vice President, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said that he was listening to the protestors concerns.

Whitehouse said that if he and other Rhode Island Democrats are still in power after the November election, they'll continue to do what they can to help the 99%.

“We're gonna keep working hard and focusing in on jobs and making sure that Washington gives folks a fair deal.” said Whitehouse.

Now according to a pool report from inside the fundraiser, Biden spoke for about 45-minutes to a crowd of more than 200-people.

The Vice President took time during his remarks to compare and contrast President Obama and the Democratic Party's ideals, with those of prominent Republicans, calling on voters to take notice of the major differences in philosophy and policy, between the two.