Big Blue Bug lit by 4th graders

Forth graders from St. Michael’s Country Day School in Newport had the honors this year of lighting up the iconic Big Blue Bug that overlooks I-95.

"I got to light the big blue bug,” said Eliza Anderson, a fourth grader at St. Michael’s.

These kids were very excited to be a part of the annual holiday tradition.

"It’s very special,” said fourth grader Tess Tanza. "Not many forth graders can do this."

It’s thanks to this group that Rhode Island now has a state insect.

Last year as third graders the students lobbied the General Assembly to make the American Burying Beetle the official state bug. It was signed into law over the summer.

"I don’t think a lot of people get to do that,” said Anderson.

Tony DeJesus, the service and technical manager for the Big Blue Bug, says it was a no-brainer asking these kids to light up the iconic insect for the 23rd annual lighting.

"What these children did all the work they had to go through to get the state burying beetle named. It was just a tremendous effort on their part,” said DeJesus.

The Big Blue Bug will remain lit up throughout the holiday season. The pest control company says it is the largest artificial bug in the world.