Big Boost for Downtown Attleboro Redevelopment Project

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Turning over these spades of dirt, is symbolic of the turnover taking place in downtown Attleboro.

The latest phase of the city’s redevelopment project is underway

The four–million dollar expansion of Riverfront Drive.

“The Commonwealth has the goal of creating so many thousand new housing units per month, per year, and so we’re part of that in making that happen right in downtown Attleboro,” said Mayor Kevin Dumas of Attleboro.

Construction is underway on what will eventually be 250 housing units, plus retail business space.

That, is linked to the nearby bus and commuter rail center.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “It may be just a shell of a building for now, but this phase of the redevelopment project is scheduled to be complete next spring.”

Buildings across the street will eventually be torn down to make room for more housing and retail space.

“This is how cities get reborn and rebuilt by real active partnerships, by public investment along side private investment and there is evidence of it here,” said Gov. Deval Patrick, (D) Massachusetts.

The project had to overcome major obstacles.

The brownfield site needed a costly environmental cleanup, and about five years ago, the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority was nearly bankrupt.

“They were having a lot of trouble getting grants; completing the grants; and completing the grants within requirements,” said Judy Robbins, a former Attleboro Mayor and member of the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority.

Aside from federal, state and local funding, the project is now on track with over 11 million dollars in private investment.

Supporters call it critical to revitalizing downtown Attleboro.