Bill could limit students attending out of district schools

By The Associated Press


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Rhode Island lawmakers have introduced a bill that could limit students from attending other schools for vocational programs.

State Rep. Evan Shanley, who sponsored the bill on behalf of Warwick school officials, says the so-called “pathway” programs draw students away from regional career and technical schools and take tuition money with them.

Warwick Superintendent Philip Thornton says city schools are paying $1.4 million to send students out of the district.

The bill would require the state to reimburse districts for 50 percent of the cost to send a student to another district.

It would also stop students from switching districts if a similar program is offered in their own district, and allow the state Education Department to discontinue duplicate programs.

Department Commissioner Ken Wagner says he “strongly opposes” the legislation.

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