Black bear sighting in Pawtucket shocks neighborhood

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) — At least one bear seen roaming around Rhode Island and Massachusetts was captured in Pawtucket on Sunday.

The Department of Environmental Management, Animal Control, and police responded to a Jutras Street home for a report of a bear up in a tree.

The bear caught the attention of the whole neighborhood. Residents shared photos and videos with ABC 6 News of people gathering around the fence to try and catch a glimpse.

“It was neat to see because you don’t get something like that in the city here, never in my wildest dreams, never would I think I would see a black bear on my street,” said Jessica Estrella, who watched as the bear was tranquilized.

A black bear had climbed up a tree in a backyard of a home on the Pawtucket-Attleboro line.

Police said there was also a bear sighting in Attleboro earlier that day. It was unknown if it was the same bear.

The bear was tranquilized and fell from the tree. Officials said the bear was not harmed.

“A few minutes later you see the bear start to dangle almost holding on like a monkey with his arms holding onto the tree trying not to fall,” said Chris Bertrand, who lives on Jutras Street and saw it all go down.

Authorities captured the bear and relocated it.

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