Black Friday shoppers hitting stores

By: News Staff

ABC6 News/ABC News

Some of us are waking up with a turkey hangover while others have yet to go to sleep.

Instead, they have been up for hours shopping for the best deals of Black Friday.

Rather than focusing on food and family, some anxious holiday shoppers took their appetite for sales straight to shopping centers.

Some of the biggest retailers in Dallas opened at 5 p.m., allowing for 30 consecutive hours of shopping.

Across the country, businesses are now calling Thanksgiving “Grey Thursday,” as shoppers are staking out stores to gobble up bargains instead of gobbling down turkey.

“I’m going to get some baby stuff then head over to Wal-Mart for a TV. You’ve got it all mapped out.”

Experts say the biggest deals are on electronics. In fact, an HP laptop at Best Buy goes for $170, an Amazon Fire tablets for $33, and a 55-inch Phillips high-def smart TV at Walmart for $290 dollars.

In New York, some shoppers say the deals came with more than they bargained for.

“It was just a lot. A lot of shoving. A lot of pushing,” said Michelle Rota; shopper.

“I think it’s too crowded. It’s crazy,” said another shopper; Said Durrani.

And as the shoppers are stuffing their carts with Thanksgiving deals that means store employees are missing out on stuffing their stomachs with their families.

“I mean look you’re taking care of the customers I guess but I’m away from my family and at this point, I just wanna be with my family eating and drinking that’s about it,” said John Ordonez; mall employee.

Some stores resist the urge, opting for empty parking lots and registers than the frenzy of anxious bargain hunters on Thanksgiving.

Others say that is just the warm up.

“Ok this day it’s not that bad. But tomorrow, tomorrow is the real challenge,” said Victor Soto; mall employee.

Some retailers have been offering discounts on holiday merchandise since late October.

Even aside from Black Friday, shoppers still have Cyber Monday to look ahead to. As a result, shopping for the holidays is becoming almost a season itself.

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