‘Black Lives Matter’ written on officer’s coffee

By Kirsten Glavin



PROVIDENCE – A cup o’ joe.  That’s all one Providence Police officer wanted Friday morning, as he walked into Dunkin’ Donuts on Atwells Ave.

"It’s very discouraging. When you’re just trying to get a cup of coffee,” said Clarence Gough, a member of the Police Union, FOP Lodge.

The nationally trending hashtag, “black lives matter,” was written across the front of his cup.  It was handed to him by an employee that he described as rude and reluctant to serve him.

"The ‘Black lives matter,’ and posting stuff like this against our officers is unacceptable,” said Roger Aspinall, another member of the FOP Lodge.

The officer, who chose not to be identified, was highly offended and concerned, unsure of whether the coffee was tampered with.

"We’re seeing the trend of this organization, which is anti police. They’re condoning violence against police,” added Aspinall.

In a meeting on Saturday, Police Union members said this kind of attack on police organizations needs to stop.  They emphasized that to them, all lives matter.

"When we get a call for service, we don’t ask if the person is black or white. If they’re Asian or Spanish. We go for the call for service. And we do the best we can for the public at large. That is our commitment to the city. And this country,” said Gough.

Officials are calling for corporate accountability.

"We hope that Dunkin Donuts takes issues with this and reprimands employees,” said FOP Lodge President, Taft Manzotti.

Dunkin Donuts did respond to the incident, stating:

"The franchise owner has apologized to the police officer on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts, and he has counseled the employee, who has apologized for the incident."