Blistering winds knock down trees and power lines

By Bianca Buono


Sunday’s blistering winds knocked down trees and power lines across Southern New England.

"A gust of wind came through and we heard this snapping sound and all of a sudden we heard this big crashing sound over the roof of the house. It sounded like a plane hit,” said Ronald Ritchotte of Coventry.

It was a devastating morning for Ronald Ritchotte at his home on Paulette Drive in Coventry.

"We saw the tree sticking in through the roof of the house and the ceiling debris, the windows were busted,” said Ritchotte.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the aftermath is a gaping hole in the ceiling and extensive damage to the roof. Crews worked to clean up the mess Sunday’s blistering winds left behind before it happens all over again. Southern New England is expecting more snow and dangerously high winds.

"We’ve got some plywood. We’re going to cover the holes in the roof and put a tarp over the roof,” Ritchotte said.

In North Providence, it was much of the same.

"It started with a loud crash. We went outside, or looked outside, and saw that the largest of our pines had fallen,” said Tom Asermely of North Providence.

But in this case, the 40 foot pine tree barely missed the house on Belvedere Boulevard…

"I just think the angels pushed the tree in just the right direction,” Asermely said.

Along with the tree came power lines. National Grid worked tirelessly to restore power to the many Rhode Islanders who lost it.

If you do see any downed trees or power lines, don’t try to move them yourself. Instead call National Grid.

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