Block takes aim at Taveras for school administrator

By: Dee DeQuattro
Twitter: @deedequattro

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block took aim at Democratic Candidate Providence Mayor Angel Taveras today after it was revealed that a Providence school administrator falsified her resume and will be allowed to keep her job.

“This type of behavior cannot be tolerated within our educational system and Mayor Taveras has been asleep at the switch,” said Block. “What type of message are we sending to students when we allow adults to cheat?”

The woman served as a supervisor at the Birch Vocational Academy where she earns $94,000 a year. The position requires a college degree and the administrator only has a degree from an unaccredited institution, Ashley University.

Superintendent Susan Lusi decided to not formally discipline the employee.

Block said criticized Taveras saying Lusi was hired by the School Board which is appointed by the mayor.

“Mayor Taveras has the ability to take action, but has chosen to avoid the issue,” Block said. “This lack of leadership and go-along-to-get-along mentality is disappointing to see.”

Block called for the administrator to be suspended without pay until she obtains a bachelor’s degree.

Taveras dismissed Block’s comments saying Block is just trying to “get attention” because he is running for governor.

Block is facing off in a primary against Cranston Mayor Allan Fung.

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