Board of Elections adopts protocol for testing an proofing voting machines

This is a file image of an ExpressVote machine. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The Rhode Island Board of Elections said Wednesday they’ll be adopting a new protocol to test and proof ExpressVote machines before the Nov. 8 general election and the early voting period.

Early voting starts Oct. 19.

The Board of Elections is working with the Secretary of State’s office to fix any issues with the voting machines after they incorrectly displayed the names of some candidates on Spanish-language ballots last month.

A new protocol was established with the help of the vendor of the machines Election Systems & Software.

The Board of Elections said the following steps will be taken during the proofing and testing period:

  • ES&S will now provide the SOS with virtual ExpressVote screens to proof the onscreen ballots prior to Logic and Accuracy testing.
  • The SOS will now certify that all ballot types, both printed and electronic, have been reviewed by their office for accuracy.
  • The Board of Elections, as part of testing, will compare the ExpressVote screen to an actual test ballot, and verify that both the screen and printed ExpressVote card are accurate.
  • Test cards will be inserted into the corresponding DS200 to confirm tabulation.

“With these measures in place, Rhode Island voters can have full confidence casting their ballots utilizing ExpressVote machines,” said Robert Rapoza, executive director of the Board of Elections.

Rapoza said the proofing and testing will be “completed in the coming days.”

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