Boat Owner threatens to move his business out of New Bedford

   Boat owner Carlos Rafael is upset. He says his boat business is being targeted by the New Bedford Fire department, He's threatening to leave New Bedford and take his 44 boat, multi-million dollar business out of New Bedford. This  started when a fire broke out on Leonard's wharf, which investigators say, was started by sparks from crews that  were welding. Rafael says it's not his crews fault and they have been properly trained to deal with fires when they occur.New Bedford's Fire Chief Michael Gomes says this isn't the first time, saying there have been numerous violations by Rafael's Crews,The fire dept placed Rafael crews on suspension for five days, preventing  them from doing any work, which has not  set well with the boat owner,  Rafael says he is not above the law and wants to remedy the situation. His lawyers are  in talks with the Fire safety office. Rafael says they should have some answers in a week.