Bobby Orr Statue Unveiled Today Outside the Garden

BOSTON (AP) – Boston Mayor Thomas Menino may need to brush up on

his city's sports history before he publicly salutes any more of

its “ionic” moments.

The mayor made a double-barreled gaffe Monday at a ceremony to

unveil a statue of Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr.

It depicts the Hall of Fame defenseman soaring through the air

like Superman after being tripped as he scored the winning goal of

the 1970 Stanley Cup finals.

Menino said: “In Boston, we have an amazing set of remarkable

athletes whose actions in the moment have become ionic in sports”

He mentioned a few, including: “Varitek splitting the uprights.”

He meant to praise Adam Vinatieri, who kicked the winning field

goal for the New England Patriots in the 2002 Super Bowl. Instead

he named Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.