Bobcat sighting on the Cape

By News Staff

Twitter: @ABC6

Caught on camera, Cape Cod's first ever bobcat sighting.

A man from North Falmouth captures the animal on video earlier this month; standing on a rock wall after a couple of minutes the animal slinks away into some brush.

Wildlife officials reviewed the video to confirm the sighting, they say it's not a full grown adult yet but eventually it will be twice the size of house cat.

According the department if marine and environment Bobcats prefer to eat insects, rabbits and small rodents. The adult male cats average 21 pounds and adult female's average 15 pounds or roughly twice the size of a domestic house cat. Bobcats are often larger in their more northern and open habitats. Both departments believe that the bobcat in the video is a juvenile cat.

To watch the video of the bobcat sighting please visit the Falmouth department of marine and environment's facebook page:!/pages/Falmouth-Department-of-Marine-and-Environment/548112741892417

(C) WLNE-TV 2013/ Falmouth department of Marine and Environment/ Chris Leboeuf – captured video