Body found in Providence trash barrel identified

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

The decomposing remains found in a Providence trash can last month have been identified as 42-year-old Agustin Jaiman aka Nito.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in a dream, I just want to wake up from it. I expect him to walk through that door all the time. It’s hard to think that he’ll never come back,” said Evelyn Lafrance, Jaiman’s wife.

Even though Jaiman’s remains weren’t officially identified until the beginning of this month, Lafrance says police were almost certain it was him after the body was discovered.

“He was the love of my life. It’s been horrible for my mother- in-law, it’s her first born child. It’s the hardest thing to go through to lose your son, to lose your husband. It is horrible,” said Lafrance.

Jaiman been missing for months before his body was discovered. Lafrance says she last saw him for lunch on June 25.

“He gave me a kiss goodbye, told me he’d see me later and then he drove off on his motorcycle,” said Lafrance.

Jaiman does have a criminal record, but Lafrance says he was no longer involved in any criminal activity.

“He was a father and a husband. He came home to his wife and kids every night. He wasn’t out there getting involved in stupid stuff,” said Lafrance.

Lafrance says there are some leads in the case. She is pleading for anyone with information to come forward to police.

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