Body of Newport teen pulled from the waters off Newport

By: Melissa Toupin & James Swierzbin

The body, of missing teen Theodore “Teddy” Oliviera, was pulled from the waters near the Pell Bridge in Newport on Monday.

The body was found by a passing boat just before noon.

Loved ones watched from a nearby pier as search crews scoured the water for several hours this morning.

They were holding on to hope that 17-year-old Teddy might still come home, but now their worst fears have come true.

The Medical Examiner pulled up to the scene around 12:30 this afternoon, concluding a week long search for Teddy.

Teddy had been reported missing by his mother last Tuesday, after friends say he left some of his belongings by the edge of the water and got into a small boat.

Rescue crews from local and R.I. State Police as well as the Coast Guard resumed searching for Teddy on Monday, cruising  the waters between Goat Island and Coasters Harbor Island, using dogs to help find the teen.

Now that police say that they've found teddy's body, all that's left for family and friends to do, is grieve.

“Its always heart breaking when its a child, somebody that the whole community knows,” said family friend Marilyn Donnelly. “The kids have just been looking on their own and again now I think is probably the time for healing. It is the time for healing.”

The Medical Examiners office will be conducting an autopsy on Tuesday.