Boston bombing victims honored at World Series

By Mike LaCrosse

Boston Strong is stronger than ever as the Red Sox continue their run in the post season.

For many the World Series is not just about baseball, it's about being united.

“Boston Strong, it's really New England,” Kevin Loontjens, Narragansett.

“I think it keeps our spirits up. We're in this together kind of thing,” said Maddie Barry, Boston.

“You know with the whole Boston Strong, we went with it all season and you know this is our year. The Sox are gonna take it.  It just means more for everybody all the families and the victims and all the first responders, you know it's a real honor,” said Christie Leetch, Fall River.

It's also humbling and giving strength to bombing victims like Newport's Heather Abbott.

“It's nice to know we haven't been forgotten,” said Abbott.

Abbott lost her leg in the bombings.  She's made remarkable progress over the last six months and is walking again thanks to a prosthetic leg.

Thursday night, she joined other victims during the 7th inning at game two of the World Series for a special tribute.  Standing on the field, they joined James Taylor signing “America The Beautiful.”

Abbott says the Red Sox have been great to her this year and she's thankful for their support.

“It feels like the Red Sox are so supportive and you know you hear people say when we win a game Boston Strong it feels like ya we are and it feels personal,” said Abbott.

Abbott hopes the unity continues and for a win.

“It would be great to win the World Series I'll stay a Red Sox fan no matter what though,” said Abbott.