Boston company will soon offer “smart” pins that could prove vaccination/testing status

The company will be selling pins outfitted with smart technology that could act as a vaccine/testing passport to streamline admittance to public events, ease pandemic social anxiety

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BOSTON, MASS. (WLNE) – Boston-based startup company iVaxed is getting ready to release the latest generation of their “Heart of Gold” pin, which comes with a technology upgrade.

Justin Franco is the company’s Chief Communications Officer.  Franco says, “As we get back into social gatherings, there may be some anxieties around meeting people again, meeting spaces, and a little closer quarters than we’ve been used to.”

The newest version of the pin, expected to be available in the next few weeks, comes with built in smart technology.  The pin could be used for entry at public venues and gatherings that require a vaccine or negative COVID test, getting you in with just the scan of a smart phone.

Franco says, “A pin can be scanned basically right there, and then it will verify that they have been vaccinated or not with a green ‘go’ or a red – that maybe we have to take a closer look at the individual.”

Once a pin is purchased and the purchaser submits proof of vaccination to the company, the pin would become valid.  It could also can be used to show a recent negative COVID test.

Franco says, “We want to make sure that everyone’s safe and feeling better about coming back into normality.”

And even without scanning it, wearing the pin shows people around you that you’ve been vaccinated.  They’re hoping it will also help encourage others to do the same.

Franco says, “Those who choose to participate in the program are electing to say ‘Hey, I’ve been vaccinated, maybe you should too.'”

A portion of pin sales will go toward a relief grant for frontline workers and small businesses affected by the pandemic.

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