Boston energy consulting firm using TikTok & a sea shanty to recruit young workforce

Xodus Group is hoping to harness the reach & power of social media combined with a classic style sea shanty to encourage young workers to pursue careers in wind energy.

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BOSTON, MASS. (WLNE) – A classic sounding sea shanty is making the rounds, not on a ship, but instead on TikTok.  The Xodus Group, a global energy consulting firm with their US hub in Boston, is hoping to harness the wide reach of the social media platform.  In an effort to encourage young workers to pursue a career path in wind energy, they posted a video of a sea shanty called “The Road to Net Zero.”

Jeff Tingley is the Head of Strategy and Market Development for the Xodus Group.  Tingley says, “This is a once in a generational opportunity to grow a US industry.”

The effort comes after the nation’s first major offshore wind farm, Vineyard Wind, gained federal approval to begin construction off the coast of Massachusetts.

Tingley says, “The industry is going to need tens of thousands of people.  And these are long-term, good jobs at all levels.”

So the Xodus Group saw an opportunity in TikTok, knowing it’s popular among a relatively young audience who are just starting to consider their future career path.

Tingley says, “We picked sea shanties because in the old days, sea shanties were always used on classic ships as a way to get crews to work together in a rhythm.  And we as a country have to work in a rhythm to grow our offshore wind infrastructure.”

They’re hoping that young crowd will carry on the shanty while considering careers in wind energy.

Tingley says, “Get people interested.  Get people to talk about offshore wind.  And get some of our best and brightest people involved in order to move this industry forward.”

The video was just posted to TikTok Wednesday and the company says it already has hundreds of responses.

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