Boston man arrested after fingerprint links him to discarded gun

BOSTON (WLNE) — The Suffolk County District Attorney, Kevin Hayden said a Boston man was arraigned Tuesday on firearm charges after fingerprints linked him to a gun found on a sidewalk.

According to court documents, Tabari Muhammad, 31, is charged with offenses including; carrying a loaded firearm without a license, carrying a large-capacity firearm and possession of ammunition without an FID card.

Back in March, police said they responded to a call for a found firearm on the sidewalk next to St. Helena’s Park in the south end of the city.

Officials said the witness who called in the gun used a hat to hold the firearm until police arrived.

Authorities identified the gun as a Glock .40 caliber model 27 pistol with one round in the chamber and 14 bullets in the magazine.

After processing the gun for fingerprints, investigators said they found one that matched with Muhammad.

Using that information, officials reviewed body-cam footage that showed Muhammad identifying himself to police in the area of St. Helena’s Park before fleeing the officers the night before the gun was found.

An arrest warrant was secured on May 26 and police arrested Muhammad on Tuesday. Officials said he also had outstanding cases for aggravated assault and battery out of Worcester.

“This is a great example of diligent police work that led to getting another illegal firearm off the street. I am thankful to the witness for acting responsibly in this situation and to the investigators for identifying this individual so quickly. A firearm on a public sidewalk is not only alarming but could have tragic consequences,” Hayden said.

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