Boston Police search, photograph Hernandez’s home

By: Melissa Toupin

Boston Police patiently waited for hours Thursday night outside the home of Aaron Hernandez. Around 4 AM Friday they got the search warrant and the green light. Investigators photographed the inside and outside of the home. They left a little over an hour later. No evidence bags were seen, and police did not speak to the media were stationed across the street.

The latest search stems from a possible connection to a 2012 double homicide in Boston. The silver car was seen speeding away from the scene was reportedly rented by the famous football player.  According to reports police believe a fallout from that murder may have sparked the killing of Odin Lloyd, 27.

“If you are talking about an incident that occurred about a year ago in the South End where two individuals were killed, we are following every lead as we always do in these cases. We find the fact, we pursue them aggressively and we've been doing that in this particular case,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley.

The allegations against Hernadez don't end there. ABC6 has learned the football star was questioned in yet another shooting investigation six years ago while attending the University of Florida. Police in Gainsville say in that case two people were shot while sitting in their cars after bars near the campus closed for the night. Hernandez was never arrested. The case remains unsolved.

Hernandez was denied bail, again, Thursday. He remains at the Bristol County House of Corrections pending a dangerousness hearing.

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