Boy attacked by dog in Providence

By Ana Bottary

Neguse Manga received a scary phone call from his son Wednesday night. While he was out playing with friends at Dexter Training Ground park, a dog got loose from the dog park and attacked one of the boys.

“They ran, I think my sons ran a little bit faster and then the dog looked to Tekle. I think he wasn’t running fast so he chased him, caught him and bit him.” Manga says.

According to Providence Police, the young boy suffered injuries to his right and left forearms. Manga, a family friend, says he was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, where he received several stitches.

Magna says the dog escaped through a gap in the fence surrounds the dog park. After the incident, people in the park say they watched as the owner fled the scene. Police say the suspect will face charges.

Dog owners who attend Dexter park, like Jackson Morley, are concerned with the incident, especially with the number of children who play there daily. He says, “It’s not very responsible; I hope he turns himself in, and the kid is okay.”

Manga’s children tell him they no longer want to play at the park, and he says if something is not done about the gap in the fence, it could become a dangerous park. The boy has been treated and released from the hospital. 

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