Boy, kidnapped by mother is back home

By Dana Griffin

WOONSOCKET, RI- 6-year-old, Daniel Britt is back home tonight. The boy was found in Washington after police had been searching for him for nearly two weeks.

Inside his Woonsocket home, Daniel is full of energy.

Abc 6 News was there when Daniel opened a welcome-home gift and played with his brothers and sisters.

His father, Sean Britt flew to Washington to pick him up.

On January 8th, Daniel was never returned to his dad by his mom.

An amber alert was issued a week later, after police feared he was in some sort of danger due to his mother, Andria Britt's history of mental issues.

Police say she turned herself in near Seattle, Thursday night.

The father tells us he's just ready for things to get back to normal.

“It's just finally a relief. I'm glad it's over.  And I just can't wait to get him back into a routine, and just be a big happy family again. He's been through a lot in two weeks and it'll just be nice to get him back on a routine you know, and back in school. School's the most important thing,” said Sam Britt.

Daniel will be back in school next week.

His father says he did talk to Daniel about what happened while he was with his mother, but declined to go into detail.

Andria Britt is still in Washington. She faces numerous charges including kidnapping.

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