Federal Hill beating victim dies, suspect charged with murder

By Dana Griffin



PROVIDENCE, RI- Friends are leaving candles, flowers, and hand–written notes at, “I Buy Junk Cars,” where 34– year–old Jonathan Stack has made a name for himself over the last few years.

Stack was brutally beaten outside The $3 Bar, located on Federal Hill Wednesday night after allegedly confronting a group of men over a car Stack bought from a Providence woman that may have been stolen.

Friends who visited Stack in the hospital say he was beaten so badly, they couldn’t recognize him.

Police say 48–year–old Daniel Lastarza beat Stack in the head with a two–by–four.

Lastarza’s charges will now be upgraded with murder. He’s being held without bail.

Cheryl DeLoreto knows the victim. She said, “We really need to strive for peace here. And we just hope that this all teaches us really, once again about the fragility of life.”

Back in 2012, Stack was charged with assaulting Lastarza’s son with a staple gun. Many believe last week’s beating may be retribution for that incident.

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