Providence Police Chief Apologizes for Behavior

ABC6 is tracking breaking news out of Providence tonight, where Police Chief Col. Dean Esserman has been suspended from the Providence Police Department.

The suspension is part of an investigation into an incident that took place during a ceremony for a group of Providence Police Sergeants, Friday. According to sources, Col. Esserman was verbally abusive to one of the Sergeants during the ceremony.

According to Providence Fraternal Order of Police President Taft Manzotti, “Commissioner Pare was to speak with Colonel Esserman about an incident that took place at a sergeant's ceremony [Friday]”

Melissa Withers, Director of Communication for Mayor Taveras issued a statement regarding the suspension of  Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman. According to the statement Col. Esserman will be “suspended for one day, effective Monday, February 7, 2011.” The statement went on to say that “the suspension is the result of a verbal altercation with a subordinate member of the Providence Police force.”

According to the statement Commissioner of Public Safety Steven Pare, handed Col. Esserman the suspension, and Mayor Angel Taveras supports the decision.

There will be no other disciplinary action taken against Col. Esserman.



Saturday ABC6 News was the first to report that Providence Police Chief, Col. Dean Esserman will be suspended for one day for an incident that took place between him and a subordinate. Sunday both Mayor Taveras, and Col. Esserman issued statements to ABC6 News.

Statement from Mayor Angel Taveras:

“I expect the highest level of professional conduct from everyone working in my administration.  Chief Esserman has apologized for his behavior and fully accepted the consequences of his actions. Out of an abundance of respect for all involved, it's time to put this moment behind us and enable the Chief and our law enforcement team to fully focus on their public safety duties.”

Statement from Providence Police Chief, Col. Dean Esserman:

“The behavior that prompted my one day suspension was regrettable.  I offer a sincere apology to the officer affected by my actions. I recognize that creating a culture of respect within the force starts at the top and I will use this experience as an opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to that important principle.”


ABC6 News will continue to follow this story, and bring you the latest as it develops.