Bristol 4th of July Concert Series set to go on at a new venue

BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) – The annual Bristol 4th of July Concert Series will go on this year, but it’ll be a little different than in years past.

The event will be held at Roger Williams University rather than Independence Park after the town realized the event couldn’t be held there due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time.

“If they did not step up and allow us to have the concert here, the concert would not be going on this year,” Michele Martins, General Chairman of the Bristol 4th of July Committee said. “I know for people in Bristol, its a little bittersweet. They’re excited that we’re going to have the concert but some are disappointed it’s not at Independence Park. They’re going to be so pleased when they arrive here it feels like a real concert venue.”

University officials say the decision to step in was easy. Staff and students typically prepare a float for the parade, but they weren’t able to do it this year. RWU had the space and wanted to contribute to the community’s celebrations.

“This is a way for the University to contribute in a real meaningful way for over a two-week period to help the 4th of July committee out, the Bristol police, and the town by hosting this event,” John King, Vice President of Student Life at RWU said.

The two-week long event begins on June 20th and runs until July 3rd. It is free and open to the public and there will be countless performers and food trucks. Restaurants in town are also preparing to-go food for people who are heading to the event.

There will also be ample parking on campus, something the town struggled with when it was at Independence Park.

But most of all, organizers are just excited the event will go on this year in person, face to face.

“I’m sure everyone in the Bristol community and local towns missed 4th of July celebrations,” King said. “It’s such an important part of the tradition and history here in Bristol.”

“It’s just a great time for everyone to get together,” Martins said. “It builds up the excitement leading into the grand finale, the parade. We’re so excited we can continue this tradition.”

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