Bristol celebrates 237th annual 4th of July parade

BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) – The longest-running 4th of July celebration is back for the 237th annual celebration. The Bristol 4th of July Celebration on Monday stepped off at just after 10:30 a.m., starting at the intersection of Chestnut and Hope St.

Parade-goers called the historic celebration the place to be on the 4th of July.

“We’re a little cooky. There’s probably no more patriotic town than Bristol,” Chris Stanley said.

People from all over the country made the trip to Bristol for the holiday weekend. Those in attendance said Bristol’s parade is what makes the town special.

“I keep telling all my friends in Ohio they need to come here for this. This is a lifetime experience. It’s so much fun,” said Mary McNamara, a Bristol native now living in Ohio.

The most patriotic town welcomed thousands of guests to the streets of Bristol. And everyone was lined in their favorite red white and blue.

“[It’s] special to have it right here in Rhode Island,” said Jack Dipetro, a local parade goer.

parade-goers from all over the country were in attendance for the historic celebration. From Ohio to Georgia.

“You get homesick. You wanna move back. It’s in your blood,” said Peggy Ray, who was visiting from Georgia.

Weeks of celebrations ahead of the big parade started with Flag Day and concert series leading up to the Bristol 4th of July parade.

Preparations for the parade go on all year long. But those involved in the parade aren’t the only ones preparing for a show

There are also those who live on the parade route.

“The build-up started a month ago. Everyone prepping their yards and getting everything nice and neat,” Becky Medeiros said, who lives on the parade route on Hope St.

No matter who you ask, everyone has their favorite part of the day.

“The parade, the people, all the fun,” Mary McNamara said. “Sometimes the parade going by before and after is more entertaining than the actual parade,” Chris Stanley added.

For Peggy Ray, she looks forward to the music played throughout the route.

“When they start with that drum and everything. It’s just the adrenaline goes.”

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