Bristol Community College suspends public access show over complaints of ‘untruths’

Bristol Community College in Fall River (File).

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — Bristol Community College has suspended talk show Spindle City Straight Talk from production effective immediately.

“We are treating this situation very seriously,” Associate Director of Media Relations Kevin Spirlet said.

The decision came after the college received multiple complaints about the show’s content over the last week, Director of FRC Media Keith Thibault said.

“While we strive to find a balance between fostering diverse dialogue and ensuring our programming is beneficial to the community, we do not condone spreading potentially damaging information and untruths that negatively impact any individual or community organization,” he said.

Thibault added that an investigation will be conducted into the complaints.

The show describes itself as a place meant to hold elected officials responsible and to investigate all the news that no other outlet wanted to print or report.
Host and Producer C.J. Ferry published a statement about the suspension on the show’s Facebook page.

“I firmly believe that the complaints generated have been created by political opponents in an attempt to silence the show’s hosts and violate their First Amendment rights,” Host and Producer C.J. Ferry said.

He continued saying it is unclear if the show will return to Fall River Community Television, but “one of the hosts is unwilling to return to a broadcast facility that will succumb to a political entity and be willing to violate the First Amendment.”

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