Bristol Community College wind energy expert selected by Queen Elizabeth II to receive British honor

Dr. Alan Lowdon is expected to receive the Order of the British Empire award in the fall for his work in wind energy in the UK and US.

By: Tim Studebaker

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Dr. Alan Lowdon, the Director of Strategic Development for Bristol Community College’s National Offshore Wind Institute, has a pretty big accomplishment to add to his resume.  He’s been selected by the Queen of England to receive an award known as the Order of the British Empire, or OBE.

Lowdon says, “For a Brit, it’s a big deal.  That’s the first thing.  An OBE is a system of honoring British subjects that was put in place at the turn of the last century.  It really is a recognition of doing something of national significance.”

He was nominated for the honor by the UK Consulate in Cambridge, Massachusetts for his work in the UK and the US in the offshore wind sector.

Lowdon says, “My focus has really been on the technology, the academic linkages.  I’ve done a lot with linking universities in the UK and the US, personnel transfer between those types of institutions, but really just helping the US get a start in the offshore wind area based upon the successes and failures that have happened in the UK and the rest of Europe.”

Dr. Lowdon supports Bristol Community College’s efforts to provide job training in the offshore wind career field.

Lowdon says, “There’s going to be lots of opportunities for the next generations to find gainful employment, well paid jobs, and also for them to develop really interesting careers in this new class of power generation.”

He’s expected to receive the award from the royal family in the fall.

Lowdon says, “It’ll be a few months yet, but it’ll be worth the wait.”

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