Bristol County communities in Massachusetts listed in state’s “Red Zone”

ATTLEBORO, MASS. (WLNE) – Two cities in Bristol County Massachusetts are now considered high-risk for COVID transmission, with several others on the brink of falling into the state’s “Red Zone.”

Going forward, state guidance mandates that these cities are not allowed to enter Step Two of Phase 3 of the state’s reopening plan which allows theaters and indoor entertainment venues to open again.

The state also wants to see communities in the red move back to remote learning.

In New Bedford, less than one third of students are in-person right now and they plan on continuing with their current hybrid model.

It is the City of Attleboro’s first time being in the red, so they are not moving to remote learning just yet.

Mayor Heroux says he is urging his residents to wear a mask and take it seriously so the city can get off the “high-risk” list.

“The message is lets not get complacent. the message is lets continue to wear masks. Masks catch about 90% of respiratory droplets when worn properly — meaning over your mouth and over your nose.” Heroux said.

Fall River is currently not in the red zone, but they are close.

Mayor Paul Coogan said Thursday, if his city lands in the red zone for three consecutive weeks, he fully intends on moving all students in his district back to remote learning.

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