Bristol County prepares for winter storm hitting on Wednesday

BRISTOL COUNTY, Mass. (WLNE) – A foot or more of snow could pile onto roadways in Bristol County with the storm beginning on Wednesday.


Public works administrators across the county were finalizing plans for plowing a day before the storm; with plow trucks loading up with salt.


According to Tony Abreau, assistant commissioner for Taunton’s Department of Public Works, plow truck drivers would be pre-treating roadways early evening on Wednesday, and plowing and salting during and after the storm.


“It’s a good sized storm, so for safety for all the residents and everything, we want to get out there and try to do the best job we can. So, we have everybody on board and ready to go,” Abreau said.


In Taunton alone, Abreau said, there could be about five dozen plow trucks on the roadways.

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