Bristol County Sheriff’s Office announce new jobs for post-release services

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WLNE) — The Bristol County Sherriff’s Office announced they posted several jobs focused on post-release services.

Officials said the positions include assistant director, four coordinators and other positions focused on securing housing, healthcare and employment for inmates being released.

“Housing, healthcare, and employment are the three pillars of prisoner re-entry. These are necessary to reduce the risk of an inmate reoffending after release from jail,” Sheriff Paul Heroux said. ”

“Finding inmates housing, healthcare, and jobs is challenging because of their criminal records and complicated life histories. We need specialists to address each of these post-release needs,” he concluded.

All positions will be posted on the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office webpage as well as LinkedIn.

Anyone interested in applying can submit a resume and cover letter to Caitlin DeMelo in human resources at

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